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Customer Testimonials

Thank you Enad I love my lash lift now I can getup and go and i do not have to use too much mascara. you are great .


Sawsan, Sales, Sally's Beauty Supply

Absolutely love my lash lift! It saves me at least 10-15 minutes. With the curl, and my dark lashes, most days I don't even wear mascara. Thank you Enad! Also I have had other services at Samira's; eyeliner, brows and skin needling. It's a one stop shop for women who stay on the go and want to look their best everyday! Go check it out!


Laura, , Corporate Accounts, Healthcare 

I am not allowed to wear makeup at work as I work in the hospital, but I like my eyebrows to look nice & was lucky enough to find ENAD

I think they he is brilliant, I must admit I was really, really nervous about having them done because I don’t like to do anything to my face, Ididn't want them to look un natural & was also worried that it might hurt.

But it didn't hurt, they do look natural and I’m really, really pleased with them & it’s something that I think I will always have done now. I’ve recommend ENAD to all the friends at work because you can look natural, look good and it doesn’t hurt. And wow the Lash Lift I love so much too no need for mascara.


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